Health Programs: Kristina Alvarez is the Certified Health Educator on staff at the Kunda House. She has the compassion and expertise to assist you in your path to healing. Kristina has a full consultation to create your personal program for area such as reducing inflammation, helping dis~ease with proper nutrition. Kristina works with our Professional Chef Seth Lyles to create the healing that works for you. They can create meal plans or teach you how to make healthier meals for your self. She teaches you how to read labels and what to look for that may be a trigger for you. The Kunda House is here to assist you in optimal health.

Sound Therapy: Sound therapy is the resonance of sound that stimulates and eases frequency in our bodies to promote natural healing. Teresa Lyles is the sound healer of the Kunda House. She is Kundalini Yoga teacher and a certified gong therapist. Sound healing is good for trauma, anxiety, tinnitus and so much more. This can be done by itself or incorporated with hands on healing . The Kunda House is here to assist you in optimal health.

Chakra Balance: We all have a subtle energy that dwells within. When that energy becomes imbalanced, it can cause disease in a person, creating chaos in one’s life. Teresa Lyles has spent 20 years engaging in balancing energy. She uses many modalities. If this has piqued your interest, chances are, you need a chakra balance.

Private Yoga and Meditation: Teresa Lyles is ready to open your awareness to the self healing of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Please contact us today for your appointment using the form on this page.


Please use this form to request an appointment for any of our services, or to discuss a private or group event at Kunda House in Johnson City.

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february, 2018

27feb10:30 am11:30 pmBeginners Hatha YogaBeginners Hatha Yoga with Natalie Hain

28feb5:30 pm6:30 pmBody AwarenessBody Awareness with Teresa Lyles

28feb5:30 pm6:35 pmKundaConscious YogaKundaConscious Yoga with Teresa Lyles


We are located at 102 N LBJ, Johnson City , TX 78636. We are open by appointment, so call ahead at 512-970-9445.