International Free Day of Yoga

September 4, 2017
KundaConscious Living
313 4th Street, Blanco, TX 78606

8am ~ Begin your day with gentle movement, breathing and an early, cleansing gonging. Teresa Lyles, owner of KundaConscious Living will be leading this class.

10:30am ~ Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences and when practiced together they have a holistic, healing effect. In this class we will explore your personal body constitution, or dosha, and talk about how to get the most out of your yoga practice based on you as an individual. This class is suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced and will be taught by Natalie Hain.

12:30pm ~ Absolute Beginners Yoga will be for people who have never done yoga before or who are just starting their practice. Of course seasoned practitioners are welcomed to join. We will focus on mediation, breathing and slow gentle yoga postures. You will definitely feel better after this class! This class is lead by Chelsea Hunter.

2pm ~ Qigong is a gentle meditative exercise meant rejuvenate your life force and Qi. It’s roots are from Asia, but now many people practice Qigong worldwide to improve their sleep, stress and overall health. The class will be lead by acupuncturist Drea Pacot.

3:30pm ~ Kriya for elevation and heart centered meditation. This class is led by Terri Pounds, a dynamic Kundalini Yoga Teacher .

5:30pm ~ Just For Dudes!! This class will be led by Martial Arts Master / Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Jim Pounds. This will be geared towards stress relief and calmness, for men.

7pm ~ End the day with a calming, relaxation Yin class, to reset your body, mind soul. Led by Jillayne Hunter

Classes are limited in size; please be mindful of that. See you here! ~ Namaste

The Mission: Being Well

Every individual has a sense of what “being well” is. What’s yours? Is it sleeping better, living pain free, achieving inner peace, enjoying better skin, or simply living more healthy?

Teresa Lyles has nearly two decades of experience in advanced massage therapy and bodywork, skin therapy, yoga/meditation, and sound therapy with the ancient sound of the gong. She is here to assist, teach and educate you on your journey.

Pain free body
Better circulation
Lighter spirit
Younger looking skin
Blemish free skin
Holistic Skin Products
Therapy through breath work
Self care education
Movement with yoga
Lymphatic Drainage
Body Contouring
Sound Healing with the Gong

Kundalini Yoga Every Wednesday at 530PM, 313 4th Street in Blanco, $10 per class

Downtown Blanco > Johnson City

Kunda Conscious Living has exciting news: we are moving from downtown Blanco to Johnson City!

Our new location (to be announced soon) will encompass every element of our practice, including treatment rooms, outdoor settings, and much more.

We look forward to sharing more information as this transition develops.

To all our Blanco friends and customers, rest assured we will continue to provide services to you at the same high-quality level, only in more amenable quarters.

And we will continue our weekly Kundalini yoga classes every Wednesday at 530PM, for just $10 per class.

From my heart to yours, thank you.

– Teresa Lyles

Meet Teresa Lyles

Teresa Lyles is a native Texan, an original Austinite and has always had a love for the Alternative Healing Arts.   As a result, Teresa has been able to turn this care and love into a unique and rewarding career.

In 1999, this became more than a love for Teresa, after experiencing a major car accident in 1997.  She was told she would never have full function of her left arm, given prescriptions and that was the extent of her treatment to recovery.  The idea of having to deal with pain and drugs as therapy was not an attractive future.   She believes we have the God given power to heal ourselves and it is her mission to awaken this in each individual.   What Teresa has envisioned is a pain-free life through alternative medicines and therapies such as massage, body / energy body work, skin therapy and Kundalini Yoga.

Due to her experiences and great successes with these alternative practices, Teresa has a great passion to help others live pain-free , with more energy and happiness.  She has given birth to a new healing way of life through an approach she calls “KundaConscious”.  KundaConscious helps expand all areas and facets of life, “Kunda” meaning to open or birth.    Through methods of self discovery and self love, you can obtain your optimal life.

Teresa is a highly energetic, passionate, fun and a caring person. She lives life to the fullest in every moment and is looking forward to sharing her experiences and knowledge with you as well.

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